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Innovative award-winning asset management

Titan Asset Management is the investment arm of the Titan Wealth group. From client to custody, The Group provides a one-stop shop for offering investment management, asset servicing and distribution solutions for the wealth management industry.


Assets under management


Managing investments

Why choose us?

Itโ€™s the flexibility to build a portfolio to your vision.

Award winning

Multi award winning fund and model portfolio services built for intermediaries, individuals, and family offices.


Over ten years of stable management from a consistent investment team.

Complete exposure

A full suite of asset class exposure, including equities, bonds, commodities, alternatives, currency, and sustainability.

Our approach

A cornerstone of our approach to investing is the market cycle, we understand how the cycle works over time, allowing us to adjust our exposure to maximise probability that the investments really work for our clients.

We believe investors tend to prefer cyclical stocks during expansionary periods and defensive stocks during recessions. Economies and markets are subject to cyclical patterns over time, while these cycles arenโ€™t quite clockwork, they rely on economic factors and human psychology.

Our Model Portfolios are either available 'as is', or can be adjusted modularly to accommodate for different client needs and capacity for risk.

Our MPS at a glance



Titan Passive


Titan Active


Titan Sustainable


How can we help you?

Titan will partner with you to understand your current challenges as well as your long-term business goals, enabling us to understand the portfolio characteristics that you prefer. We also want to do the heavy-lifting: taking care of the investment management, administration, and communication of client portfolios, so that you can spend more time with your clients. Our broad-scope services include risk-related MPS and Funds, Sustainability, liquidity and asset class choices.

Regular updates

When you or your clients onboard, youโ€™ll receive regular communication about performance, fund updates, market outlook and insights from our experts.

Fully managed

We manage portfolios to your clientโ€™s predetermined ATR, finding the best-suited investable products.

We work with you

We align our interests with yours, never compromising your criteria and values.

What does sustainable investing mean to us?

Sustainable capital allocation without compromise. Our ESG investment choices are holistic, data-driven and consider factors from supply chain and production to the environmental and social impact. We offer a Sustainable MPS option where part of our pricing is donated to The Global Returns Project charity portfolio.

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